Dina Reis has been diligent in her efforts to devote a good amount

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Throughout her career and her life, Dina Reis has been diligent in her efforts to devote a good amount of her time and her income to charitable causes and efforts. This applies to efforts and causes both here in the United States and overseas. Dina Reis has helped to fund an orphanage and a soup kitchen in Israel, in Jerusalem specifically. Additionally, Dina Reis helped to found the Shalom Task Force in the Tri-State area. This is the first anti-domestic violence hotline designed specifically for Jewish women in the tri-state area. These are just a few of many efforts that have received Dina Reis’ attention.


Dina Reis is a charitable entrepreneur

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Dina Reis’ professional life began when she attended the Wurzweiler School of Social Work. She worked with the Consultants for Criminal Justice Alternative after she graduated. Consultants for Criminal Justice Alternative is a program which is an alternative to incarceration.

Shortly after leaving that program, Dina Reis began working with marketing firms. At one firm, called Marketing Concepts, she rose to become a partner after just one year. In this position she served as head of their sales and marketing division.

Dina Reis was a partner in a company that partnered with a well-known New York restaurant chain called Original Soup Man. Reis helped to open up over two-thousand stores in her first six months on the job before she left the company—she still owns three percent of the company to this day.

Reis currently is working on a number of freelance projects set to appear on QVC, including a line of cosmetics for a famous makeup artist and a vegan brand of gourmet freeze-dried meals in partnership with a restauranteur.

Dina Reis is a charitable entrepreneur, having always devoted a good deal of her time and income to charitable causes. She has supported a soup kitchen, an orphanage, a domestic violence hotline, and a hospital, amongst other causes.

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